Might just mess around and start a K-pop group and call it The Boba Boys 🤔 taking your best suggestions down below 👇
Is it just me or do snow days get more fun as you get older? ❄️⛷🏂
Same game, different level
There’s a lot of ways to take a ‘good’ picture for Instagram, but if you want to level up and start taking pictures that are GREAT, head to the link in my bio 👀
Stepping into the new year like 🥶
Back in the city this week has got me ready to get back on the grind with some new content 🎥 

Drop a comment of what video ideas you guys wanna see this year, we boutta level TF 🆙
Life on film lately 🎞
It’s so easy to get caught up with digital photography where you can capture every single moment of your life. But with film, you need to have intent and put thought into each picture you’re taking which forces you to really slow down and actually capture that moment. That’s the beauty of getting to see your roll developed because you’re taken back to that time and even though every shot might not be perfect, you still remember the memories associated with it. 

Gonna start posting more film pics this year so finally time to get that old film account up and running 👀 go give it a follow for some new pics @champagnechae
Going into 2021 I had little idea it would be a year of traveling to some of the coolest countries and life changing experiences. From moving into my dream apartment in NYC, graduating from Princeton, and shooting commercial campaigns in Iceland, Peru, and Quebec. Vacationing on the beaches of Tulum, to partying in Miami, and finding peace in Yosemite, this year was one for the books. I guess we’ll see what happens next year ✈️🗺
City never sleeps so I guess I’m never slept on 😴



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